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Diamond Water - Singapore

Many brands had came & GONE!, within 1-3 years! Don't be stuck with a JUNK!!!

We SPECIALISED in Health Water!

BEWARE! of 'dealers' who sell "Diamond" Imitation filters! :


Diamond Energy Water System is Not just any ordinary water purifier.
Diamond Energy Water System is an Oxygen Health Water Processor.


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Judged for: 1) Trustworthiness & Credibility; 2) High Quality; 3) Value for Money;
4) Understanding of Customer Needs; 5) Innovative and Social Responsibility.

Gold Award Winners : Brands scoring well above their competitors.
Platinum Award Winners : Must have scored at least double their closest competitor.

Singapore: Water Purifier Category ("National Champion")

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Out of so many brands in Singapore, we are the ONE & ONLY been voted Platinum Awards.

Awarded 6 years consecutively. We take this opportunity to Thank all our Customers & Singaporeans who TRUSTED us so much! Thank You very much for all your supports in our business &/or in our Brand! We will do our very best to serve you even better!


BEWARE! Don't be stuck with a JUNK!!!

Many Brands had came & GONE, within 1-3 years!


No Electricity & No Boiling is required for Diamond Energy Water.

Diamond Energy Water is Mild Alkaline Water.


Reader Digest Seal

Basis questions & Facts about Acidic and Alkaline:
1. What is Alkaline poisoning? [Alkalosis #1] ? [Alkalosis #2] ?
2. Is orange acidic or alkaline? Is Natural Orange good for our health?
3. Is Acidosis cause by eating too much meat???
4. What exactly is [Acidosis] ?
5. If just want Mild Alkaline, then why all the troubles, & 24 hours of ELECTRICITY, & Costs
   & Wastages of water, & so troublesome to collect acidic water, and/or drink wrong water instead?
6. Is Almond milk & other high alkaline food Natural & much cheaper alternatives?


CONGRATULATIONS! Invest in the Right One, & it will SAVE You much more than it CO$T$ You!

[40 Essential Questions] to a Superb Health Water System!

International Awards ("Olympic Champion")]

International Certifications]

Mr Choi Lan

每 Mr. Choi Lan (Internationally Renowned Food Critic).

Faucet in Spring Water




Convert our Clean & Safe tap water into Amazing Health Water.

Water is the basis of life, and it has very intimate relationship with our [kidneys, colons] and in fact, every cell in our body.

Our vision is to help build a healthier society, to have more healthy and happy families in our country - Singapore, and to help them reduce the unnecessary [high medical cost].

Our mission is to use the most basic source that Mother Nature has given us which we had inevitably polluted (with [chemical]), [heavy metals], etc), and convert it very closely back to its* original condition that was intended to be for our bodies. We promote the most valuable health water processor products and make the most valuable contribution towards the consumer*s health. We want to educate and help one family at a time to improve and maintain their health conditions. This is achieved by the simplest, most basic, and yet very vital gift of life 每 our
Precious Drinking Water].

We had added value to over 40,000 families in Singapore over the past 10 years since year 2000 (& over 700,000 families in Asia since 1997), and we want to add value to another 30,000 families in Singapore within the next 3 years, to deliver the most valuable good quality health water system and other health products to impact them so that they can lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Health is Wealth. You have to Invest in the Best for your whole family*s Health.

Singapore Office - Diamond Energy Water

We are very thankful and proud that once again, we are voted by Consumers in Reader Digest [2010] survey, to be the "ONE & ONLY" product (Water Purifier Category) to be awarded the "Platinum Award" for the most "Trusted Brand" and Value for Money product.

We are most privileged to be of service to you. A good product speaks for itself.



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Many people had taken Water for granted. Now after re-realising the Importance of water, our next question is:
"Which [type] of [Water] is best suitable for our body & living cells?"

Boiling chlorinated water speeds up the reaction in chlorine to form [Trihalomethane] (THMs)
- (one of the toxic carcinogens created when Chlorine reacts with organic matter in water).



Pamper your skin and hair

["Water Cure A New Medical Discovery" Dr. Batmanghelidj]

["Give Water a Try & become Your Own Healer." Dr. Batmanghelidj]

[40 Essential Questions] to a
Superb Health Water System 每

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GOD Heals. - To GOD be the Glory! (John 9:24)

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